Music - ሙዚቃ

EP Vinyl Collector

EP vinyl 6 tracks – 40min
Producted by Label Sandal

Vinyl edition collector edited by STEREOPHONK. NOV 2019

Composed of recordings captured during concerts held from January to May 2019, this second part includes 5 tracks of Ethiopian composers including Mulatu Astatke and Girma Beyene as well as an original composition. After a first EP released in early 2019 on the Label Sandal, the band now offers a second EP with the label Stereophonk.

It highlights the energy that characterizes the group on stage in all intimacy: a warm sound desert and raw, a trance atmosphere on Ethiopian modes captivating, titles that invite to travel and exploration.

LABEL SANDAL - First EP - 27/02/2019
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A = Face Visible

EP Live recording 5 tracks – 30min
Producted by Label Sandal

“In orbit that starts with the release of this EP (A = Face Visible), recorded live during their first concert (hey hey, they are not cold eyes boys, or so it’s the sun of Ethiopia that hits them on the head!), Which gives a very good idea of ​​the energy and the color of the group and which prefigures to other outings that one looks forward to!” P. J. (Groove Station)


LABEL SANDAL - Unreleased EP - June 2019
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B = Face Cachée

EP Live recording 5 tracks – 30min
Producted by Label Sandal

“B – Fache cachée” is an unreleased EP of band. Is a collection of early live performances with the new member Nicolas Dubuc (guitar).
You can listen some of this titles (alternate versions) on the vinyl press edition with STEREOPHONK label.
“B – Fache cachée” est un EP inédit du groupe. C’est une compilation des premiers concerts avec le nouveau membre du groupe, le guitariste Nicolas Dubuc.
Vous pouvez entendre quelques uns de ces titres, dans d’autres versions, sur le vinyle édité par le label STEREOPHONK.